[Last updated 1/2018]

2016-2018 Sixteenth District Executive Board 

An important role of the Executive Board of the Sixteenth District is to provide support to the PTA councils and individual PTA units within Marin County, CA. We do this through individual assistance and county-wide trainings. 

We still have a position available on the 16th District board. If you are interested in filling this position, or volunteering with the 16th District, please contact MJ Lonson for more information!

District President

Executive VP

First VP - Outreach

Secretary/Recording Secretary





Past President



Reflections Chair

Mill Valley Council President

North Marin Council President

Website Chair

MJ Lonson  president16thpta@gmail.com

Sophia Ferro  execvp16thpta@gmail.com

Vacant  vpoutcouncil16thpta@gmail.com

Tamara Hull  secretary16thpta@gmail.com

Jane White  treasurer16thpta@gmail.com

Dongfen Gao  auditor16thpta@gmail.com

Samantha Ferro  historian16thpta@gmail.com

Lara Eisenbarth  parliamentarian16thpta@gmail.com

Tamara Hull pastpres16thpta@gmail.com

Michelle Connolly  convention16thpta@gmail.com

Sue Holzer  membership16thpta@gmail.com

Lara Eisenbarth  reflections16thpta@gmail.com

Sophia Ferro  mvptacouncil@gmail.com

Lisa Swanson  nmcouncilpta@gmail.com

Nathan Ferro

For website questions:
Lara Eisenbarth  webmaster16thpta@gmail.com