September 2009: North Marin Council Newsletter

Positive Impact e-Newsletter
September 2009

Upcoming Events
Sept Begin Remitting Per Capita Dues Monthly to Doug at NMC

Sept Bylaws Check Ongoing to Krista at NMC

Sep 15 Updated List of PTA Officers to Tanya at NMC

Sept 30 Last Day to Order National PTA's "The Official PTA Kit - Big Box of Possibilities" for Free

Oct 1 Adopted Budgets to Doug at NMC

Oct 1 Annual Financial Report to Doug at NMC

Oct 1 Year-end (Fiscal) Audit to Doug at NMC

Oct 10 Early Bird Membership Award (Minimum 15 Members) to Doug at NMC

Oct 20 Chairman's Club Membership Awards (Minimum 50 Members) to Doug at NMC

Nov 1 Convention Resolution Action Cover Directly to State PTA

Nov 1 Last Day for Bylaws on 2008 Templates Accepted at State

Nov 10 First Required Per Capita Dues Remittance to Doug at NMC

Nov 15 Continuing Education Applications to State PTA

Dec 1 Tax Filing to Doug at NMC

Dec 1 In Good Standing Check at NMC

Dec 15 Worker's Compensation and Insurance to Doug at NMC

Jan 15 Convention Emergency Resolutions to State PTA

Jan 18 Reflections Entries Due to State PTA

Feb 1 NMC Nominating Committee Elected to Krista

Feb 1 H.S. Senior Scholarships Directly to State PTA

Feb 1 PTA Spotlight Awards Directly to State PTA

Feb 1 Phoebe Hearst Award Directly to State PTA

Feb 17 PTA Founders Day

Mar 20 Final Remittance Per Capita Dues for Current Term to Doug at NMC

Apr 1 Mid-year Audit to Heidi at NMC

Apr 29 - May 2 PTA Convention, Sacramento

May 1 Annual Reports to MJ at NMC

May 10 PTA Officer Rosters to Tanya at NMC.

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Sixteenth District
PTA Board
Michele K Sheehan

Lara Eisenbarth

Vice President
Megan Anderson

Deborah Luster

Tim Davidson

Karin O'Connor

Doug Pickford

District Advisor
Convention Chair
MJ Lonson

District Advisor
and Communications
Charlie Fager

Mill Valley
Council President
Ross Buffington

North Marin
Council President
and Historian
Tanya Webster

Glynns Thomas

James Wood

Parent Education
Kris Cirby

Positive Impact! — Supporting PTAs
throughout the Sixteenth District

The Sixteenth District PTA is happy to introduce Positive Impact! – a newsletter designed to provide extra support to all PTAs throughout California State PTA's Sixteenth District (Marin County).

Positive Impact! derives its name from the mission statement of the California State PTA, "... to positively impact the lives of all children and families by representing our members and empowering and supporting them with skills in advocacy, leadership, and communication."

Positive Impact! will serve as a communications tools to help coordinate the work of the councils and units with the plans and activities of the California State PTA and National PTA.

Message from Michele KSheehan —
Sixteenth District PTA President

On behalf of your Sixteenth District PTA I would like to welcome you to our new newsletter, which contains information and news for all PTAs in Marin County. I hope that you will find this newsletter helpful. Feel free to give us feedback on it. Please pay attention to important PTA deadlines regarding membership, finances and insurance.

For those of you who were able to attend the district PTA training in August, we hope your participation has been helpful in your PTA roles at your schools. Please feel free to send us any feedback or input regarding the training. Your comments are very important as one of the district's main goals this year is to increase communication between state, district, councils and unit PTAs where each of you do the work dedicated to PTA.

I am looking forward to an exciting new school year where PTA makes a difference at all of our schools and advocates for students and parents while building leadership. I look forward to meeting you personally, to being invited to your PTA meetings, and getting to know your PTAs and the wonderful contributions you make at your schools.

Thank you for being a committed PTA leader!

Michele KSheehan
Sixteenth District PTA President
(415) 382-1838 (cell)

There is nothing as precious as our children~.
On behalf of PTA for our children, youth and families.

News and Action Items ...

The Busy Whirl of September!
Your first PTA meeting of the new school year will be packed with business items that should include:

Approval of PTA Programs
All PTA programs must be approved by the PTA membership and recorded in the minutes.

"I move that the programs presented by the Programs Committee be adopted."

Approval of Fundraising Events
All PTA fundraising events must be approved by the PTA membership and recorded in the minutes .

"I move that the Dinner/Dance fundraising event be adopted."

Adoption of the Proposed PTA Budget
The proposed PTA budget must be adopted by the PTA membership and recorded in the minutes.

"I move that the proposed PTA Budget be adopted."

Approval to Release Funds from the Budget
The treasurer may NOT write checks until funds have been released from the budget by the membership.

"I move that $2000 be released from the Parent Involvement category of the budget.

Approval to Pay Bills
The payment of bills must be authorized by the PTA membership. Every bill should have a Payment Authorization form or an Expense Reimbursement form.
"I move to pay all bills as presented in the treasurer's report."

Adoption of the Year-end Audit Report
Every PTA is required to conduct semiannual audits. The year-end (fiscal) audit is conducted immediately after the end of the fiscal year (June 30th for most PTAs in the Sixteenth District). This report must be formally adopted by the membership at the next association meeting, which is typically in September.

"I move that the audit report be adopted.

Audit reports must be forwarded to the Sixteenth District PTA treasurer through channels. Mill Valley and Novato PTAs should check with the Councils for Council due dates.

Sixteenth District PTA Treasurer's address is listed at the bottom of this newsletter.

National Art Competition Emphasizes
Participation and Appreciation
(over ten million participants)

          "Beauty is ..."
          ... the 2009-2010 PTA Reflections arts enrichment program theme.

The National PTA Reflections Program provides opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by an annual pre-selected theme (e.g., "Beauty is..."), while increasing community awareness on the importance of the arts in education.

Students from primary preschool through twelfth grade may submit multiple entries according to grade level for judging in the following categories:

  • Literature
  • Musical composition
  • Photography
  • Visual arts
  • Dance Choreography
  • Film/Video Production
Winners from each school have an opportunity to advance to PTA council, district, state, and national levels of judging in this juried competition.

Sixteenth District (Marin County) PTA goal is to see participation in this amazing art program at all schools throughout Marin. If your school already has an arts program, Reflections is a great way to expose your students' artwork to the county, state and nation.

Sixteenth District PTA needs volunteer help to coordinate judging of each of the above art categories (pick your favorite) and help with display of the entries at our annual January Reflections Showcase.

See the California State PTA web site for more details:   Reflections

Please contact the Sixteenth District PTA Reflections Committee Chairman, James Wood, if you have any questions about Reflections or are interested in participating.

James Wood

Beauty is... a Reflections program at your school!

Annual Financial Report -
Due to Doug at NMC by October 1st
Every PTA is required to complete an Annual Financial Report at the end of each fiscal year (June 30th for most PTAs in the Sixteenth District). These reports are due to Doug at NMC no later than October 1st.

PTA Membership
Membership cards were distributed at the Sixteenth District PTA Officers Training in August. Contact the Sixteenth District PTA Membership Chair, Lara Eisenbarth, if you have not yet received your cards.

Early Bird Membership Awards:   Certificates from California State PTA will be distributed to PTAs that remits per capita dues for 15 or more members to North Marin Council PTA by October 10.

Chairman's Club Membership Awards:   Certificates from the California State PTA will be distributed to PTAs that remits per capita dues for 50 or more members to North Marin Council PTA by October 20.

PTA Membership Dues
Each month PTAs must remit per capita dues to the North Marin Council PTA Treasurer, Doug Pickford. Dues remitted to NMC include the council portion of $0.20 per capita, the district portion of $0.40 per capita, the state portion of $1.25 per capita, and the National portion of $1.75 per capita, for a total remittance to NMC of $3.60 per member.

The Dues Remittance form can be downloaded from the California State PTA website here:   Unit Dues Remittance Form

Updated Officers Lists — Due by October 1st
All PTAs must send Tanya an updated roster that includes the name, title and contact information for this year's PTA officers. Send the list to Tanya at NMC by September 15, 2009. The president's information will be forwarded to District and California State PTAs and is used only for official PTA correspondence, including:

PTA Connects newsletter
Unit Opinion Surveys
SMARTS - Start the Arts
Legislation Alerts, Legislation Information Alerts
Announcements of New Web Site Postings
PTA in California
The Communicator
Positions on Legislation
Public Service Announcements
PTA in the News

The Official PTA Kit —
PTA’s BIG BOX of Possibilities!
If you have not yet received National PTA's "The Official PTA Kit - Big Box of Possibilities" you must order it no later than September 30 to avoid incurring the $35.00 shipping and handling charge, and no later than October 31 to receive one. No orders will be taken after October 31st.

If you contact National PTA and are told that the box has already been distributed to your unit, please inform Sixteenth District PTA Secretary Deborah Luster ( She can contact the California State PTA and help track it down.

Included in the Big Box are:

—The Latest PTA Quick Reference Guides
—Membership Posters and Brochures
—Father Involvement Resources
—Program and Advocacy Information